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Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets might be a little dirty and dusty, but don't worry! Professional carpet cleaners can help you get rid of all those pesky allergens. There is no better time than now for an honest cleaning that will leave your home feeling fresh again. We are here to provide you with that cleaning in Myrtle Beach with our top-rated service that also has an affordable price point.

Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a popular method of deep cleaning carpets. The process uses hot water and detergents to loosen dirt, and a powerful vacuum sucks the water and dirt away. This can be an effective way to clean carpets, but it will likely drench your carpets and padding. Some people find the process noisy and disruptive, and it can take several hours for the carpets to dry.


Carpet cleaning is not just about picking up dirt and stains. It's also important to remove residue left behind on the carpet. Encapsulation methods use solutions of detergent, which are applied with agitation machines to remove soil from your carpets, but this comes at a cost: residue may be left on top when you're done cleaning because the powder doesn't always get extracted fully!

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a popular service in the carpet cleaning industry. This process involves the use of detergent. The shampoo is applied to the carpet, and then the vacuum sucks up the solution and dirt. Carpet shampooing can leave residue behind because of the use of too-soapy detergent!

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet cleaning method uses rotating brushes to clean the carpet with detergent and high-pressure jets of water. Although this process can get dirt, dust, and other particles out of carpets, it has limited suction power that is typically not enough to remove the residue left behind by everyday traffic in your home. Bonnet cleaning is also a method used as a quick fix and doesn't leave you with lasting results.

Renting a Machine

Although renting a carpet cleaning machine seems like it would be the most convenient and efficient, that is not entirely true. When it comes to deep cleaning carpets, renting a machine is definitely not the best method because they only have so much power. When you use a machine, the dirt and residue left behind can be tedious to get rid of. This method of carpet cleaning is not recommended if you want to keep your carpets to remain in good condition for a long time!

The Zerorez Difference®- Zr Water®

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning near me, you have come to the right place! Zerorez® has the best carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach has to offer because we only use Zr Water®. Zr Water® is a powerful cleaning agent that is free of harsh chemicals and detergents. In fact, it is simply water that has been electrolyzed. It gets applied to your carpets through an efficient spray that loosens deeply embedded dirt. The best part, because it is eco-friendly Zr Water®, our carpet cleaning method leaves behind absolutely No Residue®. Not only does this mean your carpets will be soft, but it also means they will stay cleaner longer! When residue is left behind, more bacteria and dirt clings to the carpet, making it even dirtier than it was before. You will not believe your eyes when you experience the Zerorez Difference® for yourself! Waste no time and schedule your cleaning today! You will get results that last.