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Home Decor Ideas for Fall

Home Decor Ideas for Fall

Summer is on its way out, and we are ready to welcome fall with open arms! It's almost time to kick hot summer days to the curb and embrace all the warm and cozy feelings of fall. And what better way to celebrate the change in seasons than by giving your home a fall refresh? You don't need a degree in interior design to level up your home decor this fall.

Wall Decor

Probably the most difficult of all, swapping out beachy, summer wall art and putting up more fall inspired art can instantly change the mood of your home. Wall decor can be found almost anywhere! From online to in-person, home decor stores are full of different prints to give your space a fresh new face.

Faux Plants

As autumn leaves begin to fall, it's time to consider your house plants. If you have plenty of living plants inside your home, make sure you are taking good care of them as the seasons change. But consider looking into fall-inspired fake plants. Fake plants that come in shades of yellow, red, or brown are great alternatives to the maintenance of their real counterparts, and can warm up your home with ease.


The fluffier, the better. As temperatures drop, leaving throw-blankets out becomes a must. Blankets are one of the easiest home decor hacks because of how cozy they can make your space. Throwing a woven blanket over the back of a chair or couch is an easy and affordable way to transition your decor into fall.


Much like blankets, pillows are a quick and easy way to decorate for fall. Aim for neutral or brown tones that will still match your furniture. There are endless options at home decor stores this time of year.


People are sensitive to scent. Another quick and easy way to transition to fall home decor is by picking out a fall-inspired candle scent. Popular fall scents include pumpkin spice, apple, maple, pine, and other woodsy scents. Lighting one of those candles is sure to make your home feel more like fall.

Table Arrangement

This option is less important, but a wonderful addition. Instead of overly bright floral arrangements, opt for dried flowers, seasonal flowers like mums, or add some twigs into the mix to give it a fall-feel. There are plenty of fall flower arrangements that you can buy at your local grocery store, or you can attempt to make your own! If you or your family suffer from allergies, head to a craft store where you can buy faux flowers and form your own, unique arrangements.

Holiday Decor

Once it gets closer, it's also a good idea to pull out some holiday decor. The fall has multiple holidays that you can decorate for, should you choose to. Adding a fall-leaf garland to your fireplace or counter-top is a simple upgrade that won't break the bank. Swapping out bright colored decor for more neutral or warm tones will shift you into fall, as well.